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My amateur radio station had consist in the formal time of : 

Yaesu FT-757 GX II100W [maximum, normaly 10W] forSW

Kenwood TS-680S100W [maximum, normaly 10W]for SW antenna: dipol for 10 and 20m (radiation direction: SE/NW / longwire with balun 160 – 10m indoor under the roof (wire direction W-E))

Ten-Pa MZ-22 50W [maximum, normaly 5W] for 2m; antenna: 5 element Yagi (direction: W)

Kenwood TM-G707 35W [maximum, normaly 5W] for 70 cm (and 50W [maximum, normaly 5W] for 2m)

13-element Yagi for 70 cm (direction: W)

Rexon RL-501 /5W on 13,8V and 2W on 7,2V for 2m and 70cm mobile

antenna: 40cm stick or minimagnetfoot antenna on the car 

My position: DOK Y21; LOCATOR JO62VN;

13° 49’ 03’’ East and 52° 32’ 11’’ North; ground 59m over sea level;

antennas 71m over sea level