My name is Ralf Manfred Riebel. I am born in 1936 in Leipzig. Before I

came to Strausberg I lived in Ilmenau, Jena, Berlin-Marzahn and Eggersdorf.

I am married and have four children being in the meantime adult. 

For me as a pensioner my hobbies are in the foreground.

At first I tell about playing in brass bands. During my life I played

different instruments. Nowadays I prefer tuba, baritone (euphonium),

trombone, saxohone and flute transverse. So I was or am a member of

brass bands, dixieland bands and a trombone choir. 

A computer is necessary. It needs also much time.

In sports I like swimming with flippers and swimming in wintertime. I

don’t need a garden.Here in Eggersdorf enough wood exists for walking

in the nature. In the end fifties I studied radiological andelectric medical

techniques as HF techniques and techniques of control.

I was a free scientific technical common worker of the Charité

in Berlin. I could collect many experiences in the plant “Carl Zeiss Jena”.

I would be enjoyed by e-mails from people having the same or similar